AGI Innovations is looking to grow our team of smart, dedicated engineers and innovators. Our team is highly motivated to complete the ambitious task we have set ourselves: to create practical high-level AGI technology. The work is intense, challenging, and very results oriented - we tend to dream about our work!

We have ambitious long-term goals for producing ground-breaking AGI technology. Our work is based on more than 6 years of previous R&D, which provided the basis for our commercial product. For the past year we've been doing some good preparatory AGI research work with a small team of people, and it's hard, intense, but a lot of fun. At the bottom are some quotes from the team...

All positions are full time with long, but flexible hours, offer excellent potential for personal and professional growth plus very significant financial reward. Preference is given to those who truly want to share in our vision, risk, and reward. Work environment is friendly, informal, and intellectually rich.

Applications are being accepted for future consideration as positions become available.

Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead


We are based in the Los Angeles area and require physical attendance at frequent (several times a week) brainstorming sessions.

We are generally unable to assist with visa requirements for non-residents (except Canadians).

For more information or to apply, please email

Quotes from the team

"There are not many things that beat the feeling of solving a problem that a couple of weeks ago you thought was unsolvable" -- Lucas

"Can't think of anything more stimulating--or important--to do with my life" -- Peter

"Working in the AGi³ team actually feels like being a part of intelligence greater than human" -- Mike

"Being able to work on ground-breaking technology and explore the uncharted every day has been very exciting and rewarding. " -- Robert