Research & Development

AGI Innovations Inc has embarked on a multi-year effort to develop a next-generation AGI engine to power a wide variety of intelligent applications. While our work has a strong focus on natural language understanding and learning (with everything this entails), we are also implementing spatial/temporal sense and actuator mechanisms that will allow our intelligence engines not only to be utilized in various personal assistant applications but, potentially, also in robotics.

Our work is highly multidisciplinary, utilizing insights from computer science, traditional artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, ontology, neural networks, cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, software engineering, and others.

Philosophically and technically, our approach recognizes the importance of dealing with the complexities and limitations of real-world cognition:

  • Dealing with information that is highly complex yet incomplete, fuzzy and uncertain, potentially contradictory, and very dynamic
  • Having limited knowledge and resources for learning and decision making
  • The importance of common-sense knowledge and context
  • The crucial role of ongoing learning via multiple modalities
  • The need to do all of this interactively, in real time.